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jamaica_jones's Journal

24 August
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yeah i am some random ass lil triffeling nigglet originally from l.a and i am now trapped in a hell well known as altadena pasadenas lil sex slave well yeah i am ugly so try not to throw up when you see pics of myself well to me i am ugly well anywho to describe myself i have a very random personality overall i guess that's the best way to describe myself with one word i enjoy long walks in downtown l.a next to skid rows citizens also taking long refreshing dumps before i go to bed and i also like to dance for italian sweet sixteen birthday parties for free ginoli and ravioli oh and don't ever diss the metro in my presence cause the bus is my life well like half of it and one know thing you must know about myself i am fully aware about the size of my beautifully shaped bottom so please dont tell me it makes me quite steemed well thats all but i am open to answer any questions you have for me well i gotta go
babies with one eyebrow, bad hair lines, cheap porn stars, clothes in general, cooking, dancing, dumps with color, eating, getting free things(cough), grape soda, honesty, levis, listening to music, making people laugh, pimpimg garbage ho's, popping pimples, posing(joking), scars, singing, strawberry cake, stretchmarks, taking showers, thrift stores, trying to play keyboard, watching infommercials, watching plastic surgery shows, watching the l word