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my wild day cough

today i was awoken at 838 am with the sound my mom yelling at me telling to get up so we can go to the desert (cause its my dads birthday and thats what the birthday boy wanted to do why i dont think he even knows)i was like what the hell we dont even have a present so then me and my sister devise a plan to go to target and get him a dvd player and the movie ray and some documentarie or whatever but yeah it was fun though but i have never seen so many joshua trees oh cause we went to joshua tree national park and like these mountains made of rock and like smooth granite they really fun to climb as corny as that sounds in my life they were suprisingly geourgeous and their was a lot of roadkill and jackrabbits and white people gallore as usual we were the only minorities there expect the native americans that were selling cactuses at mcdonalds jk lol but we went to this place called the cactus bar and they had a deal to dig your own cactuses for 39 cents but they would always break so i ended pnending like four bucks bastards and the town we were next to i guess had so many wierd but coll cactuses with like fuzzy hair and like almost purple one i almost shat on my self jk lol and on the way back home we say cactuses taller than the dennys next to them and fatter than like ruben sttuderd that negro that won american idol but yeah this is the most fun that i have had with my family in a very long time oh and after all of this we went to some mexican restaurant and my mom paid some mariachi singers to sing for my dad and all the white people were looking at us like what are these negros getting special treatment for well anyways hope you guys had fun today cough jk lol lmao yeah these are some ugly ass pictures but deal with it boo boos

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