jamaica_jones (jamaica_jones) wrote,

i need a ciggarette

man i am so anxious to turn 18 i have no idea why though cause nothing is gonna change really but yeah i want to go to jambe juice right now man that stuff is like crack for me well anyway my niglets my house is getting remodeled and the rooms that we got pianted look horrible i would be ashamed to let anyone come over cause they look so ugly yeah well today was a blastb jk lol i went out with my niggas and we went to a bunch of thrift stores we were thrift store binging and then we went to hollywood to do some more shopping i saw the most busted celebrity impersonaters ever and i was laughing so hard i almost had a stroke they looked terrible there was a supergirl she was my favorite one cause her costume looked like it was made from assorted trash bags and she looked ran through like she had every std ever so when i saw her she kinda walked in my direction i was so tempted to lend her money for a new costume cause i dont think she realized how terrible she looked well i guess thats all now my oh andi almost everyone should listen to 3rd faze cause you seen the rest now try the best jk lol
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