jamaica_jones (jamaica_jones) wrote,

nighty night

man i if i could have anything in the world it would be my own apartment in upper east side manhattan (man mr murga killed new york in classs today for me my dreams of one day living in manhattan are forever crushed)also another thing i wish is to have a good nights sleep every time i need to cause my insomnia is the pits i hate it i feel so uncomfortable all the time at nights especially, well yeah i hate to say this but honestly me and mr murga have alot in common we both love depeche mode, prince 80 in general we both dress really well that most people assumes that we are gay wll more him though man that sounded conceided and our favourite brand of jeans is levis and our favorite prince songs is take me with u and computer blue and to top it of our favorite show is the l word i am a baby murga eww i should kill myself fuck i am gonna dressing like a bum and start listening to really horrible 80s hip hop like ice t
and t.l.c eww and salt n peppa yeah man why do i keep posting crap i have no life man who wants to go with me to six flags or an amusement park in general ooh well not disney land i hate that place alright i gotta stop writing so much
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