jamaica_jones (jamaica_jones) wrote,

up all night

man i feel so graceful i have been up all night working on computer crap yeah loads of fun and yeah i am gonna need some sleep cause i look like a crackhead right now anyways i really like staying up all night like this but its because of my horrible ass insomnia so if i wanted to i could be staying up like almost everyday but thats sickening well i hope everyone is enjoying their break cause im not really feeling this break cause of the toothlesss situation and dumb ass drama i have been having lately but anyways i am so bored its not funny i am subdued to watching movies that i have on dvd that i have seen like ten times already and anytime someone wants to kick it with me they dont wanna go out but wanna have a hangout in my garage i am so sick of my garage that it doesnt matter anymore but still at least yesterday i went to amoeba a.k.a heaven well ciao roaches
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