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i hate quiznos

man i am trying to find another job quiznos is so not fun anymore i mean the owner makes us take turns and promote quiznos by either dressing up in this quiznos cup thingy or wear a banner around your neck and shake it so yesterday i was forced to get into the cup outfit and wave to people on the corner that was probably the most embarrassing thing i ever had to do seriously and now the owner takes our hard earned tips that really pisses me of the most cause the tips are really good but yeah i am gonna go apply somewhere else like loehmmans cause i cant do the cup thingy again i have to much dignity for that anyways i saw so many people from vada yesterday it was scary i hung out with gabe delano then we met up with ari and vivian at this guys house and i saw mae working but i didnt stop to say hi cause i didnt want her to feel uncomfortable or whatever you know like she got spotted or something yeah life is so wierd right now i feel like i have grown up already even though i havent and i just feel so distant from everything and everyone but in reality thats totaly wrong i guess but yeah life is good and i am so happy to out of high school but i miss you bitches jk lol adios
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