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15th April 2005

6:52pm: tommys sucks
hey loves i am so mad at myself for like not having a car and license its really starting to effect me now like today i had an interview for tommy burgers for a second job cause they pay every week andi love that anyways i got hired of course i mean i am fucking fabulous but anyways then he almost didnt want me to like work almost cause the hours that i wanted to work conflicted with his and yeah it wasnt pretty but anyways it was kinda good that it didnt work out cause i would be so burnt out 24 7 cause work and school so whatever i am so bored i am decorating my cell phone with aris stickers that she left atmy house anyways forgot what i was gonna say alright ciao

7th April 2005

5:06pm: yeah im broke
shit i overdrew my bank account like 4 times now im in deep doo doo cause i owe the bank like 180 something and after my check comes tommorow there is only going to be like 80 bucks well probably less than that cause taxes this blows oh well i guess i learned my lesson or whatever yeah oh i am such a fucking moron

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Current Mood: furious

26th March 2005

2:57pm: movie binging
within the past two weeks i have bought 8 freaking dvds and i havent even watched half of them what the hell is wrong with me oh and this dumb girl that was on register that rang me up twice yesterday said the dumbest thing ever she was like you must like movies huh well evidently dumb ass man people are stupid yeah and another thing i forgot to mention in my other journal thingy was when me and my sister went out to recycle bottles and cans there were so many butterflies all over town it was so wierd and pretty but they were all flying in the same direction like towards the mountains it was amazing and the jambe juice i got sucked well i have like nothing else to write so later gators
2:27pm: i hate quiznos
man i am trying to find another job quiznos is so not fun anymore i mean the owner makes us take turns and promote quiznos by either dressing up in this quiznos cup thingy or wear a banner around your neck and shake it so yesterday i was forced to get into the cup outfit and wave to people on the corner that was probably the most embarrassing thing i ever had to do seriously and now the owner takes our hard earned tips that really pisses me of the most cause the tips are really good but yeah i am gonna go apply somewhere else like loehmmans cause i cant do the cup thingy again i have to much dignity for that anyways i saw so many people from vada yesterday it was scary i hung out with gabe delano then we met up with ari and vivian at this guys house and i saw mae working but i didnt stop to say hi cause i didnt want her to feel uncomfortable or whatever you know like she got spotted or something yeah life is so wierd right now i feel like i have grown up already even though i havent and i just feel so distant from everything and everyone but in reality thats totaly wrong i guess but yeah life is good and i am so happy to out of high school but i miss you bitches jk lol adios
Current Mood: awake

7th March 2005

8:31am: hey love
yeah i am really pulling it together with myself well at least i think so yeah um i just got done making t shirt designs to pitch to my sisters boyfriends company merge yeah i think they are cool but you all may disagree hopefully hell hire me to codesign with them yeah that would be awesome possum yeah and i am making a comic book series that i hope to one day make into a movie series or even an actual comic strip yeah i feel like a m worth a million bucks even though i am worth like ten man i miss you bitches alot i was looking through random snapshots on my computer and i like got all warm and fuzzy inside well kinda well i know none of you bitches are gonna leave comments but whatever ciao love yah
Current Mood: accomplished

18th February 2005

2:19pm: quiznos
yeah i just got hired at quiznos officialy or whatever and i start on monday i really dont want to though cause the uniforms reek of uglyness yuck but yeah the hours are good and the people who i guess are gonna work with me are cool so that means its better then hollywood wackness video or whatever that smells like ass every single day oh tommorow morning i am gonna go to las vegas for a wedding or whatever and yeah i hope i can go kick it in the casino before i have to get ready cause that would suck if i couldnt i just i make it back in time for me o work or whatever cause that would really suck cock
Current Mood: blah

5th February 2005

11:12pm: my wild day cough
today i was awoken at 838 am with the sound my mom yelling at me telling to get up so we can go to the desert (cause its my dads birthday and thats what the birthday boy wanted to do why i dont think he even knows)i was like what the hell we dont even have a present so then me and my sister devise a plan to go to target and get him a dvd player and the movie ray and some documentarie or whatever but yeah it was fun though but i have never seen so many joshua trees oh cause we went to joshua tree national park and like these mountains made of rock and like smooth granite they really fun to climb as corny as that sounds in my life they were suprisingly geourgeous and their was a lot of roadkill and jackrabbits and white people gallore as usual we were the only minorities there expect the native americans that were selling cactuses at mcdonalds jk lol but we went to this place called the cactus bar and they had a deal to dig your own cactuses for 39 cents but they would always break so i ended pnending like four bucks bastards and the town we were next to i guess had so many wierd but coll cactuses with like fuzzy hair and like almost purple one i almost shat on my self jk lol and on the way back home we say cactuses taller than the dennys next to them and fatter than like ruben sttuderd that negro that won american idol but yeah this is the most fun that i have had with my family in a very long time oh and after all of this we went to some mexican restaurant and my mom paid some mariachi singers to sing for my dad and all the white people were looking at us like what are these negros getting special treatment for well anyways hope you guys had fun today cough jk lol lmao yeah these are some ugly ass pictures but deal with it boo boos

Current Mood: giggly

4th February 2005

5:30pm: i got the boot
yeah my black ass got fucking fired dude i think the reason was everyone was seriously threatened by me being there because i was more capable of doing their job but i dont care that job was wack as fuck anyway and the employee discount sucked shit to

7th January 2005

5:04pm: work smirk
tommorow is like my first official day of work and i really dont wanna go cause of today i filled out my tax paperwork and i hope i didnt fill out anything wrong and i got like four fucking books to read about being a ideal hollywood video employee well at least i can go shopping when ever i kinda want to now and i can start driving causee i can afford insurance now well yeah shit i gotta set up a bank account with westcom alright gotta go later

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27th December 2004

10:05am: i hate dreams
i had like the worst dream of like my life i was talking about someone over the phone and then this person came to my house acting really crazy and panicy like shot me or whatever and then some gangsters came and did a drive by in a pink cadillac its a million times scarier than it sounds though man i am really like shaking causeit was so weird wow yeah i am gonna go shopping by myself to relieve myself of some stress

3rd December 2004

4:29pm: ikea the love of my life
i found the best bed frame for my room that my mommas gonna get for me or whatever i am excited for some reason i am such a loser right now oh and i got a call back from target and hollister maybe someone will hire my black ass for once but i dont think i will get hired at hollister cause for one i wear a size 34 jeans and i am black they size 30 waist white boys from florida well fuck those crackers anyways yeah well just a minute ago someone sent me a picture of samantha mumba and she is so god damb ugly without makeup and dim lighting she used to be almost pretty kinda yeah well i hope the picture cause you niggas gotta see this shit

Current Mood: horny

2nd December 2004

1:42pm: yikes
man i was looking at those std pictures i am so scared to even kiss someone right now cause yeah that shit is so sick i didnt know that like if you have herpes and like if you have a kid they can have an outbreak thats so nasty man yeah well anyways later
1:13pm: in the thought
i really hate it when i go out of my way for people and i get treated like a bloody horse tampon like for instance when i went to hint oklnd to see someone who i thought i was good friends with who wouldnt give me the time of day and then when they come home the cold brush of a shoulder i mean not even a hello and even more when people put words in my mouth and claim that i have said things or even done things that have never ever happened or whatever also i really dont want friends anymore with the exception of like four people yeah oh god bless i just farted but um yeah so i like erased so many numbers in my phonebook cause i really only want to remain friends with people who keep close rto me cause im tired and worn out from phonys and fakes also two faced liars or whatever but yeah but thats it for now this psa is for all you dick sucking ho dont smack on it if aint got that plastic jk lol lol

1st November 2004

10:24pm: san francisco treat
yeh im in san francisco with jett and were at tracys apartment man her roomates are ugly and they are toking right now fuck they need to share the wealth with the mj anyways its been pretty fun and yesterday we went to some street fair called the castro and there was so many fags and drag queens it was fun though we have so many pictures yeah well anyways later

10th October 2004

8:11pm: hey
blah life is boring out of school and no job i am now a official low life i cant wait till i start school i thought i would never say that but blah adios

6th August 2004

12:54am: i need a ciggarette
man i am so anxious to turn 18 i have no idea why though cause nothing is gonna change really but yeah i want to go to jambe juice right now man that stuff is like crack for me well anyway my niglets my house is getting remodeled and the rooms that we got pianted look horrible i would be ashamed to let anyone come over cause they look so ugly yeah well today was a blastb jk lol i went out with my niggas and we went to a bunch of thrift stores we were thrift store binging and then we went to hollywood to do some more shopping i saw the most busted celebrity impersonaters ever and i was laughing so hard i almost had a stroke they looked terrible there was a supergirl she was my favorite one cause her costume looked like it was made from assorted trash bags and she looked ran through like she had every std ever so when i saw her she kinda walked in my direction i was so tempted to lend her money for a new costume cause i dont think she realized how terrible she looked well i guess thats all now my oh andi almost everyone should listen to 3rd faze cause you seen the rest now try the best jk lol

20th July 2004

1:57am: to hot to sleep
damb i havent writin in my journal in like forever but anyways what up my niggas so far my life is swell dude i am so delerious from this heat man i really dont know what to say but i gotta my shit together and take my black ass to college i wanna own my own company one day itll belike stationary kinda like sanrio but my drawings and characters yeah or ill be a drug tester and sperm doner jk lol well idont know what else to write so peace my brothas

4th May 2004

12:41am: prom overtime yeah
yeah i got invited to two proms other my own schools one by this extremely annoying girl named regina for south pasadena high (but i am just going for the after party) home of the tigers and the other for a school in vancouver washington by my good friend michelle i hope that one works out though otherwise i will be crushed man i need three outfits who would like to donate money to the jason foundation weel its to fucking hot to sleep and i am horny as hell so i should go hopefully ask rita is on

27th April 2004

7:10pm: souplantizel
yeah today was quite the cocka crazy day i went to only one class and then left with my posse then later in the day i applied at soup plantation and i got interviewed on the spot but i kinda looked like a bum and felt really nasty but the guy who intereviewed me was really cool and told me that my chances are very high to get hired and i was so happy then on the bus on the way back home some crackhead lady sat by me but she stank so bad i told her to move and she did well yeah later

23rd April 2004

10:40pm: tired of waiting
blah i wanna go out right now but noone is ready to bounce i hate leaving late well i gotts go my phones ringing

17th April 2004

2:34am: fridays are supposed to be good
yeah tonight i went out like usual and another bummer night well i was hanging with g and d oh and lulu but the people who we met up with made us drive all the way to south central for a house party and yeah i was like whatever but that was so risky and in that part of own at like one in the morning what the fuck was that about well we ended up notgoing to the party cause these dumb broads that looked like elimadate leftovers and they were all over me and gabe i really hate girls like that like thetype that sleep around allthe time like those dumb ass sierra madre party girls i used to like that though cause i allways got what i wanted from them if you know what i mean but i am so ot like that anymore i am into persomality and not just looks i am not as shallow as i used to be man i am growing up way to quick well they kept changing plans and everyone didnt know luis so it was awkward and some guy named eric was being an asshole and was like telling us that he didnt us to kick it them well he didnt say that but that bitch meant it well yeah if you guys havent noticed me and ari are friends again and fight now it feels fake but whatever well heres a pic of us together when we were cose i like it its heart warming cough

13th April 2004

12:09am: nighty night
man i if i could have anything in the world it would be my own apartment in upper east side manhattan (man mr murga killed new york in classs today for me my dreams of one day living in manhattan are forever crushed)also another thing i wish is to have a good nights sleep every time i need to cause my insomnia is the pits i hate it i feel so uncomfortable all the time at nights especially, well yeah i hate to say this but honestly me and mr murga have alot in common we both love depeche mode, prince 80 in general we both dress really well that most people assumes that we are gay wll more him though man that sounded conceided and our favourite brand of jeans is levis and our favorite prince songs is take me with u and computer blue and to top it of our favorite show is the l word i am a baby murga eww i should kill myself fuck i am gonna dressing like a bum and start listening to really horrible 80s hip hop like ice t
and t.l.c eww and salt n peppa yeah man why do i keep posting crap i have no life man who wants to go with me to six flags or an amusement park in general ooh well not disney land i hate that place alright i gotta stop writing so much

12th April 2004

11:22pm: my wife loves me i think
yeah i love the movie purple rain but there is a hottie in there that really turns my pages her name is apollonia well she looks good from a distance though and i think she looks better now in her 40s than in her 20s though but here she is after her first face lift man but all of princes hoes from the 80s look the same i mean vanity,apollonia,sheila e,and sheena easton my personal favorite look the same but i guess well yeah i am a loser oh fuck i gotta do my current event for sexy crickmore alright bye

8th April 2004

10:19am: up all night
man i feel so graceful i have been up all night working on computer crap yeah loads of fun and yeah i am gonna need some sleep cause i look like a crackhead right now anyways i really like staying up all night like this but its because of my horrible ass insomnia so if i wanted to i could be staying up like almost everyday but thats sickening well i hope everyone is enjoying their break cause im not really feeling this break cause of the toothlesss situation and dumb ass drama i have been having lately but anyways i am so bored its not funny i am subdued to watching movies that i have on dvd that i have seen like ten times already and anytime someone wants to kick it with me they dont wanna go out but wanna have a hangout in my garage i am so sick of my garage that it doesnt matter anymore but still at least yesterday i went to amoeba a.k.a heaven well ciao roaches
6:50am: my pimple blues
man i just started to have much clearer skin and then boom i just break out man this sucks and when i have been taking good care of it oh well anyways i have a humongous pimple on my nose that just looks down right frightening does anyone have any tips to help a desperate nigglet out cause clearasil is one of the reasons i have pimples and does anyone know of any jobs being offered cause i am in dire need of one well later my nigglets
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