jamaica_jones (jamaica_jones) wrote,

in the thought

i really hate it when i go out of my way for people and i get treated like a bloody horse tampon like for instance when i went to hint oklnd to see someone who i thought i was good friends with who wouldnt give me the time of day and then when they come home the cold brush of a shoulder i mean not even a hello and even more when people put words in my mouth and claim that i have said things or even done things that have never ever happened or whatever also i really dont want friends anymore with the exception of like four people yeah oh god bless i just farted but um yeah so i like erased so many numbers in my phonebook cause i really only want to remain friends with people who keep close rto me cause im tired and worn out from phonys and fakes also two faced liars or whatever but yeah but thats it for now this psa is for all you dick sucking ho dont smack on it if aint got that plastic jk lol lol

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