jamaica_jones (jamaica_jones) wrote,

fridays are supposed to be good

yeah tonight i went out like usual and another bummer night well i was hanging with g and d oh and lulu but the people who we met up with made us drive all the way to south central for a house party and yeah i was like whatever but that was so risky and in that part of own at like one in the morning what the fuck was that about well we ended up notgoing to the party cause these dumb broads that looked like elimadate leftovers and they were all over me and gabe i really hate girls like that like thetype that sleep around allthe time like those dumb ass sierra madre party girls i used to like that though cause i allways got what i wanted from them if you know what i mean but i am so ot like that anymore i am into persomality and not just looks i am not as shallow as i used to be man i am growing up way to quick well they kept changing plans and everyone didnt know luis so it was awkward and some guy named eric was being an asshole and was like telling us that he didnt us to kick it them well he didnt say that but that bitch meant it well yeah if you guys havent noticed me and ari are friends again and fight now it feels fake but whatever well heres a pic of us together when we were cose i like it its heart warming cough

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